Aleksandra Pizurica

Ghent University, Belgium

Model-Based Optimization Meets Deep Learning in Image Analysis


Model-based optimization has been for decades the key to solving not only the classical inverse imaging problems but also various image analysis tasks, such as image classification, clustering, and target detection. We are now experiencing a synergy between deep learning tools and the optimization frameworks benefiting from each other to yield more efficient and reliable inference. Deep sparse representation classification, deep subspace clustering and learned robust PCA are some of the representatives of these emerging approaches.

In this talk, we address model-based approaches for the analysis of hyperspectral and multimodal images. We show how sparse and low-rank optimization methods provide an elegant and unified framework for solving a range of image analysis tasks including classification, clustering, spectral unmixing and saliency detection. Then we discuss model-aware deep learning methods building on this basis. Case studies from different application domains will be presented, including remote sensing and art investigation.

Speaker’s Bio

Aleksandra Pižurica is a Full Professor in Statistical image modelling at Ghent University, Belgium, where she is leading the research group Artificial Intelligence and Sparse Modelling. Her research iincludes multiresolution image models, probabilistic graphical models, sparse coding, representation learning, and image and video reconstruction, restoration, and analysis. Dr. Pižurica was awarded the scientific prize “de Boelpaepe” by the Royal Academy of Science, Letters and Fine Arts of Belgium for her contributions to statistical image modeling and applications to digital painting analysis, in 2015. She was co-recipient of the Best Paper Award of the IEEE GRSS Data Fusion contest, in 2013 and 2014, and the David Hestenes Prize at AGACSE 2018. She is a Senior Area Editor for the IEEE TIP and formerly served as an Associate Editor of the IEEE TIP and IEEE TCSVT. She was a TPC Co-chair of the 30th EUSIPCO (in 2022), Europe Liaison for ICIP 2020, and the general chair of the Sixth International workshop on Image Processing for Art Investigation (IP4AI) in 2018.