Industry Sessions

Pedro Geada

Senior Engineering Leader

Present and Future of TV Services & Video Streaming

This session is divided in two parts: a keynote and a panel discussion.


Engineering and operating a large-scale OTT service – a view from the Streaming Industry

The streaming industry has undergone a huge growth over the last few years with all big content providers now providing also streaming services and making streaming the way most people consume content in many countries. In this keynote, we will take a look at data from the market and how streaming keeps evolving.

But if content is the main driver for where people consume content, technology is also an essential enabler and the best product experiences and the best reliable technologies can lead to big differences in how customers engage with these services, how many customers it can reach, how broad the repertoire of content can be and how frequently people use the service, which are fundamental metrics of the business model of streaming providers.

We will take a look at the engineering of OTT services from content acquisition and customer acquisition to distribution, product experience, personalization, discovery of content and ultimately playback.

Although most technology components are well known, there are still many challenges on running a large-scale streaming system across the world and we will discuss some of those challenges in this keynote.

Speaker’s Bio

With an Engineering degree, a masters focused on video communications, and an MBA, Pedro Geada spent the first part of his career launching a successful start-up company, before taking on a number of senior roles in IT and Telco companies in Portugal.

For the last 13 years, Pedro had a leading role in launching and managing multiple large scale OTT streaming services in the world, including Acetrax Movies, Samsung Movies, Sky Store, Sky Sports Box Office, Sky X, NOW and Peacock. Working for Sky, Pedro has created an OTT development centre in Portugal that now employees about 400 people and in parallel he has also led an engineering team of about 1500 people across multiple countries working on OTT platforms and apps.

Pedro is now taking a career break to focus on his family and some personal interests.

Panel Session


Pedro Geada

Senior Engineering Leader

João Miguel Ferreira

Innovation Services Director @ NOS Inovação, Portugal

Miguel Jardim

Head of MEO TV Services Engineering & Operations @ Altice, Portugal

Pedro Neto

Head of TV Product Development @ Vodafone, Portugal

Speakers’ Bios

João Ferreira has over 22 years of experience in Entertainment & Broadband in the Telco industries and currently is Director of Innovation Services at NOS Inovação.

Miguel Jardim has +20 years of experience in Telcos, having performed various roles in this path, from the management of corporate networks to the Presales of government and business customers. Working in the Television ecosystem since 2010, he is responsible for MEO’s TV Services Engineering and Operations since 2021.

Pedro Neto has more than 16 years of leadership roles in the always challenging telecommunications business, participated in phases of projects from business prospecting, architecture definition, analysis of Customer requirements, system development and delivery to Customers. He is currently head of TV product development at Vodafone.